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You want guests who visit your store to convert to sales, but it’s not as easy as it used to be. Competition is fierce—if you can get them to the store in the first place. Why shop at a brick and mortar when you can buy nearly anything at the touch of a button…from the couch?

By adding real value to the customer experience using these tips, you’ll not only bring people in the door, they’ll leave as happy (paying) customers.

1.   Let Them Try Before They Buy

If your products are sitting on shelves in packaging, try experiential marketing—take the guest experience to the next level by taking your products out of the box.

Letting customers get a feel for your products before they buy takes the in-store experience from mundane to interactive.

2.   Streamline the Customer Experience

Your guests want an easy shopping experience. Start by streamlining a few key areas:

·      Align digital and physical stores – Ensure that your online and physical stores work well together and each enhances the overall experience for the other.

·      Simplify checkout – Research shows that customers won’t wait in line for more than a few minutes, so make sure you are able to complete their purchases quickly and easily.

·       Seek feedback – If you’re not sure how to make your store more attractive to consumers, ask them!

The most effective ways to streamline will depend on your business, resources, and customers.

3.   Immerse Them in Your Brand with Tech

One of the best ways to engage your customers is to immerse them in the experience from the moment they walk in. An effective way to do that is with technology like interactive product tables.

Also called Touch Tables, these techy tools fit perfectly into modern retail environments, offering users a way to interact with your brand and products. Games, stories, and presentations on these large touchscreens put content at consumers’ fingertips.

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·      INFORM – Users get entertaining information (“infotainment”) about your brand, products, and company on demand, maximizing learning through user engagement.

·      SELL – It’s no longer just passive advertising…it’s a personalized, interactive experience for customers that can also collect and track user data.

·      ENTERTAIN – With infotainment, multiuser games, and multimedia presentations, users are invested and can even collaborate with others.

Touch Tables are an amazing way to create collaborative experiences in public spaces. With a thoughtfully designed application, it’s possible to reach a diverse audience, and it’s amazing how quickly individuals engage with each other! This fosters a sense of community around your brand.

Level Up Your Business

Driving traffic and sales is only getting more complex. If you’re ready to level up your business, let us help! MMT is a leader in state-of-the-art collaborative technology.


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